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Spider Webs

Inspired by different forms, structures, tones and emotions from nature. Through the eye of my camera and installation pieces, I attempt to communicate an abstract and aesthetic view of the physical world I see.

My photographs of spider webs have been taken from different perspectives, to draw in and intrigue the audience to see more closely through this body of work, and demonstrate the delicacy yet strength of the threads and the way the light plays on them. Through these series of photographs, I produced an installation pieces where I invite the viewer to be part of the piece, reflecting themselves as a Spider, contemplate and share the simplicity and beauty I see.  


‘Spider webs’ portrays the loneliness of the mother spider later to be abandoned by her descendant, allowing the audience to reflect on there own lives. My aim is to produce feelings and emotions of serenity, tranquility and recognition and hope to emphasize the importance of our role in caring for our world and others around us.

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