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Artist statement

By walking around, I discover new modern internal and external layers of seeing, primarily related to the area where I live and those I cross paths with. Drifting through city streets and observing the detail we tend to miss, not just about how we see but in the way we see. My interest is in envisaging the world from a different perspective through my camera lens, observing how forms incorporating a colour, spectrum depicting depth and movement that translate into transmitting diverse feelings and emotions. I transport these findings to elaborate varied mix media pieces representing psychogeography, contrasting with what I see with what I perceive within my life.


Born in Al-Hofuf, Saudi Arabia, with a British father and a Spanish mother, living in Madrid, Spain, for over 28 years.  A BA Fine Arts Degree, Sonya works predominantly with the mediums of photography, painting and drawing, she also includes works in 3D and video, creating images of how she perceives the world around her. Her work allows her to continuously discover people, places and embrace emotions, translating these to a series of artworks, inviting the viewer to relate to the simplicity and beauty in life. She is inspired by the attraction of the beauty of light, colours and textures nature provides and has held a number of exhibitions in Madrid. Her public works include an oil paintings exhibition titled ‘Agua’; an installation piece exhibited in the public library within the Retiro park titled ‘Arból de Lectura’; several collaborative pieces titled ‘Surface Tension’ and ‘Priceless’; an exhibition titled “Life is Full of Cracks” amongst others.


Life is Full of Cracks                     
La Manual



Surface Tension                      
Online Collaboration



Arbol de Lectura                       
Eugenio Trias Library, Madrid 

November - 2015

Re-Mapping ourselves                


Online Collaboration video



El Quinto del Sordo, Madrid 

May - 2014

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