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In this research, I use different techniques to discover the beauty and originality of cracks by taking a step back to observe the simplicity the pavements the city offers and how they resemble the truth that moulds us.

The way in which each stroke of life affects us, each caress, marks a unique and indescribable fissure that we often cannot see but that leaves an exclusive essence about how we are.

I contrast what I see through my photographs with what I perceive through my emotions and with it, this body of work pays attention to the fractures on which we walk. Gaps that relate to the journey of life and that we repair while we keep moving forward.

Through different media that start with photographs linked to realism and that lead directly to sculptures with which I reproduce the space produced by the wounds leading to delicate drawings that convey the emotions generated. A dialogue that wants to express, and remember, the importance of marks, cuts, the prints we leave.


Of the beauty sometimes forgotten, CRACKS.

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