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Through my earlier project I was able to connect and find out the stories that lay behind the people I encounter every day. This connection led me to think about my walks and my journeys, leaving me only with my thoughts and personal perceptions to resolve as I walked. 


I began to document this through photographs discovering the small detail on the streets linking this with the path or journeys we take. My interest is in envisaging the world from a different perspective through my camera lens, observing the smallest detail and how these forms and structures incorporating a colour, spectrum depicting depth and movement that translate into transmitting diverse feelings and emotions and the passage of time. I transport these findings to elaborate an installation piece 'Lost Reality' representing realities that have been worn and are lost within the larger picture of life.


Contrasting with what I see with what I perceive I produce several series of photographs which allow the viewer to absorb and relate to the experience, in the hope to transmit its serene, natural elegance and to increase their awareness. Demonstrating the spaces created over time, for example the cracks in the pavement.  With that objective in mind, I step back and view the simplicity and beauty the city has to offer throughout the day, and to perceive and capture the importance of our role to care for those around us and demonstrate this through my work.

Exhibited pieces, curated by EK Gerdin-Miosgaek

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