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As a ‘flâneur’, wondering around the city streets of Madrid watching the clouds drift by, I wish to capture sensations, feelings and memories through my Yashica camera, showing the character of urban everyday life. I want to highlight how the forms, texture and depth may transmit feelings and emotions enhancing the concept of old versus new, the past versus the future.


My intention is to draw in and intrigue the audience to see more closely the beauty of the streets’ changing ambiance, and how this can make us feel. Transferring these findings to photographic sequences, consisting of black and white, positive and negative prints, finishing by adding colour, I venture to produce feelings and emotions of yearning and perception of our own existence found during this unforeseen drifting journey through the city.


By means of my photographic series, I aspire to convey the beauty of my city Madrid with the passage of time, emphasizing the findings of historic photography techniques and combining them with new technology, connecting them through a story of wishful longing for the ‘good’ old days.

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