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Stop and clarify!!!

Actualizado: 23 nov 2018

What am I doing? Where am I going? I find myself again wondering. Whenever this happens, I doodle and see if my ideas come back into focus. Looking at my large mould and influenced by my colleague pottery artist I decided to try out a replica in clay. After discussing this with her, she suggested trying paper clay. This gives a light, hard yet porous material which I will be able to bend and form. Now I am getting somewhere. But before I start with the clay, I have been investigating what sort of forms and shapes I want to make; I’ve started by making these out of paper.

The idea will be to make chicken wire moulds where I can rest the clay for its first drying and then in the kiln. Until I get the wire, I make out of plaster a minimal roll of cracks! This is looking good!

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